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Chef Spencer Watts

About Spencer

What do you get when you combine natural culinary talent with a phenomenal ability to entertain? The magic of Chef Spencer Watts - at least that is what my mother always tells me. I have always loved food and feel so blessed to have a career as a chef doing what brings me so much joy. "I crank the tunes to suit my mood AND smile at the thought of creating something that will bring joy to my customers...and then the cooking begins".

Growing up in British Columbia, Canada I had a passion for family, fishing, cooking, art and performing. "Over the years, those passions have become intertwined and I have been on a grand adventure!". If memory serves me, I was a bit of a class clown growing up, fearless in my mission for laughs. I even took a stab at stand up - a terrifying experience for everybody involved! I never would have imagined that my love of humor, music, performance, and food would lead me to create almost 100 episodes of prime-time television content and that those programs would take me to the Oscars of food television - The James Beard Awards. It was one of the biggest honors of my life to win the best host award for the television series FISH THE DISH and the holiday special WATTS UP FOR THE HOLIDAYS.

As my journey continues my passion for cooking remains. I have started to find new and innovative ways to inspire others who love to cook including starting a YouTube channel, writing a cookbook and opening my first online store. I hope the next 20 years are as exciting an adventure as these last 20 years have been!